Patient Called To Report „Device Failure"
Patient called in the morning to report that he had to stop therapy during the night because the device felt strange and produced a loud noise
Patient required a visit by a technician to fix or replace the device
How to detect
How to analyze
Problem was fixed. Therapy worked well again. Technician saved one trip to the patient
How to solve
Technician adviced patient to intiate „Send Data" at the device to receive data of the last night even before the automatic data transmission starts

Analysis of therapy calendar revealed a severe leakage peak during the last night and confirmed a short usage as reported by patient
Technician asked the patient what he performed the day before. It turned out that he cleaned his mask intensively – and obviously reassembled the mask incorrectly. Technician sent a youtube link via email with video demonstration about how to assemble the mask correctly
After several weeks of therapy, a patient called to report a „Device Failure"